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Founded in July, 1934
The CRYC has a long history of building strong local, business, family, social, boating and community ties since it was established as a Corporation under the Commonwealth’s Laws on July 18, 1934 . The founding members Clarence A Rayfuse, J Ralph Keefe, A Wylie Van Wart, Edward Gaffney, Charles H Pineo, Roland E DuBerger, William M Downes, Edward Spiegel, Arthur A Sullivan, Sidney C Milgate and Kenneth Warner established what is now known as one the most prominent and beautifully situated yacht clubs in Massachusetts.

The Charter
Consisting of local business owners, registered captains, residents and boating enthusiasts, the originators sought to establish a private corporation to promote yachting, sailing and boating; to encourage the science of navigation and proficiency in seamanship; and to further the social welfare of its members.

Back in 1934, 100 Memorial Drive, or directly opposite our entrance, was the site of an exhibition building for Boston’s bustling shoe industry. Directly in front of it was a gasoline filling station owned by Clarence Rayfuse, one of our original incorporators. He and his friends, boat lovers all, sought and obtained permission from the MDC to form a boat club. The cost of membership was set at $5.00 per year with no initiation fee.

The first facility consisted of a ladder dropping straight down from the stone wall to a 20 x 50 float, anchored by heavy chain.  The members had to anchor about 100
out in the river and use a dinghy back and forth to the float. There was no water, light or power. Gas was obtained from the filling station across the street and was brought over in a wagon for that purpose. Jugs of water were similarly obtained and ice was purchased from a nearby ice house and transported on the bumper of a car.

The Club never stopped growing, and through the years, more and more permanent floats were added. These were built wider, sturdier and at a more comfortable boarding height than found in most similar facilities. The last section was the easternmost, heading toward the locks and capable of receiving yachts up to 50

Not only one of the most scenic and interesting yachting sites, the CRYC is also a near perfect shelter from storms. It is distinguished for being a convenient and well equipped yachting facility with close proximity to the heart of a major city.

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